Monday, May 2, 2016

Illuminating Manuscript

My friend Rhonda gave me a Book of Kells coloring book for Christmas, a few weeks ago I saw a post on Pinterest about writing out scripture and also scrapbooking in your Bible.
I'm inspired to copy out and decorate my own Bible.  I'll be using the ESV (English Standard Version).

Last night I stopped by Barnes and Noble and picked up a pack of Muleskins journals (I LOVE the feel of their paper and they have narrow margines which I also love.) I plan to use a variety of writing instruments including my new Sharpie pens, Staedtler triplus fineliners, Microns and Prismacolor pencils.

I started this post a couple months ago now.  I've progressed very slowly so far.  I am working my way through the Psalms. Writing it out forces me to slow down and meditate on the words.  I've begun sketching out the cover page.  I'm intimidated to progress any farther though.  Sometimes a perfectionist just needs to put pen to paper and see what happens.

Friday, March 4, 2016

A new portrait-Wearing my rabbit on my sleeve

Last night you could follow the rabbit tracks to a local tattoo parlor: Neon Dragon  where Tyler reproduced my portrait rabbit (inspired by Beatrix Potter and Peter's sisters.)
Wearing my rabbit on my sleeve.

Saturday, February 27, 2016

Finishing School

I have had a busy month of knitting.  Now I am reaching the "finish" line with several projects and I need to get past my aversion to blocking and sewing in ends and get these pieces ready to wear.

Here is what I have so far.
Ambigous MKAL from Knit Purl Hunter
Knit with Sueno from HiKoo

Fire - Element 4 in Fiddle Knit's Elements MKAL Series
Two more rows, beads and bind-off

Saturday, February 13, 2016

Creative Chaos

My house is a mess.  On some levels this is a pain but on others it is invigorating.
Walls showing off old paint colors, primer and new colors all at once - in the kitchen, the dining room and the family room.  I'm trying to restrain myself and not overreach. I'm still wearing remnants of grout from tiling a tub surround this morning.

These are things I did not think I would be doing again 5 years ago as I was doing my weekly chemo treatment. Even though I wasn't worrying about being alive to make all this creative chaos I really didn't think I would have the energy to do it.  I don't have the energy I did 5 years ago, but I'm learning to adapt and am enjoying the feeling of making a mess.

On a less messy plane  I have several knitting projects going and have been spinning more and more. I will never catch up with my plans and I will never come close to using up my stash, but I am moving forward and hopefully helping others along the way with their creaive journeys.
Earth - Fiddle Knits Elements
Handspun yarn with my needle lace Monarch
which I started at Lace on the Prairie

Pictures hopefully coming soon.

Mystery KAL's

Today I am writing about a phenomenon which I believe is singular to the cyber-knitting world. At least, that is how I became connected through Yahoo email groups about a decade ago.

To the un-initiated a KAL is a Knit along (can be done through a LYS like R. Rabbit's Fiber Studio) or via the internet like many on Ravelry. An MKAL takes this one step further and becomes a process of trust as well. I have participated in many MKALs over the last decade, two of which were never finished and are now in "time-out".

The first MKAL I jumped into was done blindly.  This was way before the time of Ravelry and their amazing database of patterns, etc. I just had a feeling that anyone whose online name was Pink Lemontwist couldn't be all bad.  We were working as a group from the Yahoo Groups Spindler's List. Melany sent out a pattern every week via email and we printed off our patterns and went to work.  It took me a while but I finished the 24" x 82" stole and have been wearing it for years. It took me much longer to finish her Swan Lake-inspired design, but it has since won a ribbon at the Iowa State Fair.

One of the biggest MKALs I have taken part in was a Stephen West design in 2012: Rockefeller. We had a large group from the shop working together and most of us finished.  At the Estes Park Wool Market in 2013, Deb and I were looking for other Rockefellers; there were over 3000 KALers from all around the world.

At this point I am working through a new MKAL by Erica Jackofsky AKA Fiddle Knits. Chris, Mary Jo, Mary M., Darla and I have all collected yarn, beads and bought into current design of her "Elements" series: Air.

(post begun in November. Edited in February)

Nearly three months later and I am working on two new MKALs. Erica's new shawl "Fire" and Susanna IC's Winter MKAL.

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Back in the Saddle

One year ago I declared my intention to "blog" regularly.  Now I look back and see it has been two years since I've added anything here. After perusing a couple "drafts" from Spring 2014, I decided to post them and then add the missing photos which are what held me up in the first place.

Okay, here goes my new attempt (which is also waiting on photos.)

Lately you could be following the rabbit tracks down to Iowa City on a fairly regular basis.  DS Eric and I have been meeting for coffee on some of his late start days at the U.  Today we were over at the Bread Garden Market because he particularly wanted to try Stroompwafels with his coffee. Apparently you set the wafels over your hot black coffee which warms with yummy innards and then you much them with great contentment.  I don't know, because he decided his machiato was not hot enough for the purpose.  Update coming (I hope.)

After coffee we wandered over to the Iowa City Public Library.  Roaming the stacks made me very aware of all we have lost in Cedar Rapids due to the flood.  Even though we have made good efforts at restoring the library's collection, we have lost so much! And on top of that our voters have decided that asking for more funding is too extreme.

Not to end on a down note.  It is a beautiful day outside (even with the wind.)  Thankfully we were not blown away by the storms last night. I have new fibers to set out and a fiber show to prepare for in the Amanas this weekend. We will also be celebrating Eric's 19th birthday.  This means we have been in Iowa for nearly 20 years!

Iowa Landmarks

Today (March 31st) Liz and I traveled to Ames, Winterset and Ankeny.

Our first stop was a flop.  The Niland gas station was closed so we opted for the Dutch Bakery in Ames for coffee and goodies.  Then up to Gilbert to visit Tina Rice at PIXI.  What a creative woman and what a fun gallery.

Next we planned to visit Clint's booth at the cafe in Winterset.  They were closed however so we walked around the square and discovered another cute little cafe where we had delicious sandwiches right next door to Fons and Porter's Quilting store (also closed) before we finished up at Heartland Fiber.

After perusing the yarn shop we headed out of town via John Wayne's birth site and the little park south of town and the museum park.

Now, up to Ankeny to inspect another yarn shop: Knitting Next Door. And next door we discovered a cute little furniture and furniture repair shop and Liz made a new friend.

Now back up to Ames and a restaurant for dinner.  We ended up at a cute little cafe, the Cupcake Emporium where we had nice sandwiches and delicious cupcakes and I found the Birthday Squirrels.

It is good to have a fun travel adventure companion.  It is really good to be the passenger so you can knit!